Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Post bath

Is this the face of a double ear infection? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Apparently she takes after her father, who didn't act sick and didn't get much of a fever, instead of her mother, who was a major drama queen and had high temps with ear infections.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

First ear infection

I sure am glad our doctor has weekend hours!  Julia has a double ear infection, and just started her first round of antibiotics.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Dear Julia,

Happy three month birthday!  Your third month was full of new adventures.

You and I flew to New Mexico to visit Nana Judy for a week.  Daddy had to stay home because he started a new job.  You seemed to really enjoy the plane ride, though you slept almost the entire time we were on the plane.  On the flight home, you were wide awake between legs and greeted everyone as they got on the plane- you did a better job than the flight attendants!

You were a little bit cranky for the day or two following each flight, I think because your ears didn't pop.  That would make me fussy, too!  I tried to feed you during take off and landing each time, but you were so sleepy you didn't really make much progress.

While we were in New Mexico, we spent lots of time with your two uncles.  Uncle Paine had a great time playing with you.  One night you wouldn't go to sleep, so you two got in some really physical play- help helped you get some energy out. He made all kinds of great noises that really got your attention.  After that, you had no trouble sleeping that night!  You started to cry shortly after Uncle Trigg would take you, so you spent more time looking at him than cuddling with him.  He's a good looking guy, so that's ok.  You also got to meet Mollie, who is fabulous.  Trigg and Mollie gave you your first copy of "Pat the Bunny," complete with a stuffed bunny for you to pat!

Uncle Paine

Uncle Trigg

Good Golly Miss Mollie

We had a really good time playing with Nana Judy.  She just had her bathroom remodeled, so there was a lot of clean counter space in front of big mirrors.  You and she had a great time playing with the baby in the mirror- she would hold you and help you "walk" to the mirror so you could get a better look at that baby.

On Saturday, January 15th, we had a big party for you to meet all of our New Mexico friends.  People came from Santa Fe and all over Albuquerque.  You got to meet Nana's birthday ladies, colleagues, church people, and friends.  You also got to meet two of my dear friends from law school.  There were over 50 people there, all to see you!  You slept through a lot of the party (big surprise- you sleep through most parties) but when you were awake, you were absolutely charming.

One night while we were in New Mexico, we did a video chat  on the computer with Daddy.  You were so excited to see him you practically crawled into the computer screen trying to get to him.

After we came home, you and I had lots of play time.  We had several play dates with Jill and Asher.  We did some shopping and got some very cute clothes for you (you have no shortage of cute clothes!)  We went to see Daddy play indoor soccer one night, and you were absolutely fascinated!  You stared at the field for the whole first half of the game.  I can't tell if you were watching the ball go back and forth, or if you were just staring at the bright green astroturf, but you were definitely interested in something.

We also went to your friend Ian's first birthday party (you slept through most of this party, too!)!  You were the youngest of several cute kids there.  It's hard to imagine you being that big in nine short months, but you're growing so fast I know it's coming!

You have really grown this month. You now weigh just over 15 pounds, and are 25 inches long!  You have much more control over your hands- you can bring them together, get them in your mouth, and chew on different fingers.  Your hands and fingers must be delicious because you eat them a lot!

You have also discovered toys.  Nana Judy gave you a set of interlocking rings in bright colors, and you love to hold them.  You've also started chewing on them.  A friend of Nana's gave you a beautiful silver rattle, and it is just the right size for your little hand.  You're getting better at shaking it, and it ends up in your mouth, too.

You can also hold your head up by yourself most of the time.  You're trying to sit up, and do a pretty good job if someone is there to help you out.  You also love to stand and kick. Tummy time is getting more enjoyable- you are really holding up your head and moving your legs.  Late last week you scooched your legs up under your bottom, like you were getting ready to crawl.

You still have lots of hair, though it is falling out around your face and on the back of your head.  You talk a lot, and make all kinds of great sounds.  You and your Daddy spend lots of time "talking" back and forth, sharing secrets and laughing.   We've been reading books, and you're finally looking at the pages a little bit and noticing the book.  Bath time is your favorite time of day- you love to float in the water.  You're almost too big for the bathroom sink, so you have started taking some baths in the bathtub with me.  That's your favorite.

Maybe the most exciting thing that happened in Month Three is that I went back to work this week, and you started day care.  I am working in the mornings at the office and from home in the afternoons for the month of February.  Your school is right across the street from my office, and I am really glad to have you so close.  It is really hard to leave you every morning, even though it's only for three or four hours!  I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave you all day in March.  You seem to like your teachers.  Once you can sit up on your own and play with the other babies more, I think we'll both like day care better.  I am so grateful that we had a full twelve weeks to be home together.  It ended way to quickly.

I know that I will always wonder if going back to work was the right thing for you, but I also know that I'd second guess a decision to stay home, too.  Just know that I love you with all my heart and I'm just trying to do my best at being your Mommy.

I love you, Doodlebug.