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Happy Very Belated 9 month Birthday!

Dear Julia,

You turned 9 months old on August 5th. It is now August 24th-sorry about that! It has been another crazy month for me at work, and the time outside of work just flies by. Weeknights are so busy- we get home, nurse, play, cook and eat dinner together, give you a bath, put you to bed, do the dishes, and the night is gone! I've also been working from home a lot after you go to bed, which severely cuts in to my blogging time. You're always on my mind, though, even if I can't sit down and tell you about it here. Your Daddy is spending more and more time with you, too. You guys have so much fun together. Part of the change is that you're nursing less and eating more regular food, which means he gets to help with that. He's also so playful that you guys have a great time. It's just so much fun now that you're active, independent, playful, and full of personality!

July was a blur. Your dad and I were so busy at work and with other things that I almost can't remember anything that happened!

On your 9 month birthday, we went and saw Dr. G for your checkup. You weighed 22 pounds and were 29 inches long- 90th percentile across the board.

In Month 9, you started crawling. It's amazing to me how fast you learned, and how natural it feels now that you're mobile. It didn't feel natural at first! You can really hustle across the house now. You're also starting to explore more, not just staying with me or with Daddy. You also learned how to clap this month- it's the cutest thing!

Another big thing is that you graduated from the Purple Room (the infant room) to the Yellow Room (the young toddler room) at school on August 1. You've transitioned so easily- it's clear to everyone you were beyond ready to go hang with the big kids! Your new teachers are Ms. Bertha and Ms. Sabrina, and you like them both a lot. You still get to see Ms. Erica and Ms. Candace from the Purple Room from time to time, too. You knew almost all of the kids in the Yellow Room when you were all in the Purple Room together a few short months ago, and I think you're glad to be with your old pals again.

The other big thing from Month 9 is that you had your first surgery- you got ear tubes. Dr. G thinks this will help you have a much healthier, happier winter with far fewer ear infections. Here's hoping. Your ear nose and throat doctor is Dr. K, and he plays on a soccer team with Daddy! He was impressed with what a champ you were on the day you got your tubes.

You are eating like a champ, especially at school. You've discovered yogurt, cottage cheese, all kinds of berries, plums, chicken, pesto, pasta, bread, kiwi, puffs, and all sorts of veggies. Your favorites seem to be chicken, plain yogurt, and blueberries, though you had a brief but intense love of blackberries (sadly, they're out of season now). You and I went out to breakfast last Sunday morning and you had some spinach quiche, and that was a big hit, too! You've also mastered the art of the sippy cup- you can pick it up, get it to your mouth, drink, and put it down. Sometimes you put it down by throwing it over the side of your high chair, but that's ok too.

We got a small inflatable pool for the yard, and you love it. You crawl from one side to the other, splash splash splash, and chatter about how happy you are in the pool. This is not surprising, as you LOVE bathtime. It's your favorite thing, I think.

Every day your Daddy and I are amazed at how fast you're growing, how big you are, and how much you can do. You still love Scooter, and you can almost say "cat" and "meow." You're glad the dogs are back from visiting Meemaw and Pawpaw in Bryan. Every morning when they get up and go outside, you get so excited to watch them walk around!

You're the light of my life, Julia. I love you so much!


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Giant bow

Mommy Loves this shirt. It has a gigantic bow on the chest. No one else loves it the way Mommy does. We walked into daycare today and Ms. Bertha said, in an incredulous voice, "Julia, you have a huuuuge bow on your chest!". And when I went to pick her up, Ms. Sabrina just fluffed the bow quite deliberately and said nothing. They just don't understand how hard it is to be so fashionable at such a young age!

Also, the 9 month letter is LATE as Mommy and Daddy are both slammed at work. Hopefully this weekend!

It's a really big bow.

Avocado and blackberries

Messy dinner!

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Pre play date

We had a play date with Julia's old class, the Purple Room, on Sunday.
This was taken on the way to meet the other babies.

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