Monday, November 18, 2013

One month

Dear Lucy,

Yesterday was your one month birthday- I can't believe it!!  The days are slipping by way too fast for my liking. 

You are such a sweet baby, just like your sister before you. You are, however, sleeping for much longer stretches of time than Julia did at this point, for which I am grateful! 

You arrived with a bang. I had my first contraction at 3:15 am, then another around 3:45. The contractions were easy and far apart until 5, when they jumped to 2 minutes apart and really intense!  I said to Daddy, "it's time to get up!"  Unfortunately, this is what I say every morning when it's time to get up, so he didn't get the message that it was time to go to the hospital!  He figured that out pretty quickly, though. Nana was here to stay with Julia. We got to the hospital 20 minutes before you were born. My water broke in the elevator on the way to the delivery room. There wasn't enough time for much of anything!  We got there, they checked your heart rate on the monitor, and it was time to push! 3 pushes later you were born, at 6:02 am. You were covered in vernix, which looked kind if like cottage cheese. You had lots of hair but less than Julia, and much lighter than hers, too. 

We had a lovely and quiet time in the hospital. Our only visitors were Nana, Julia, Meemaw, and Pawpaw. Daddy spent the nights at home with Nana and Julia, and you and I had plenty of quiet bonding time. You slept really well from the start, and I'm grateful that you've kept up the habit!  

The first week we were at home, you were sitting on my lap when you kicked your legs in a really crazy way. I recognized it immediately as a move you made while you were in my tummy!! 

We went to the Salt Lick for BBQ on your 8th day, just like we did with your sister. 

You are growing so fast, Lucy. You've outgrown all your sweet newborn clothes. You're trying to hold your head up. You smile- big, glorious, toothless grins that light up the room.  I love watching your new baby movements, and how they evolve. Your hands were tiny fists for so long, and they're opening up. When you nurse, they start off either as fists or with all your fingers splayed out, gradually relaxing as you eat. We hold hands (all your fingers wrapped around one of mine) a lot as you nurse, which is so sweet. 

Your sister is nuts about you, and you about her. This morning she came in to kiss you goodbye as she left for school, and you couldn't take your eyes off of her. I am so glad you are sisters. I know there will be days when you do not get along, but I hope that you two have an amazing bond and friendship. 

I feel do much more confident as a mother than I did this first time around. I know that it's all going to be fine, that every action is not going to harm you, that the tough phases are short and fleeting, and that everything is going to be ok. You are such a mellow baby- I think you know it's all going to be ok, too. 

I'm so glad you're here, baby Lucy. Welcome to the family!!

Love, Mommy

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