Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two Months Old

Dear Lucy,

Earlier this week you turned two months old.  Your 2 month appointment with the doctor is on Friday, so I don't have your official stats yet, but you have definitely plumped up in the last month!  You've got rubber bands around your wrists, multiple rolls on your thighs, and you're wearing a 6-month size outfit today that isn't too big. I can't believe how fast time is flying!!  

You've transitioned from eat-poop-sleep mode to longer stretches of awake time. You want to play and interact, not just nurse. You have discovered that you have hands and feet, and are realizing that you can move them. Yesterday in the car you were kicking at the bee blanket draped over your feet, and smiling gleefully at the moving pattern. You're touching toys, but not quite reaching or grabbing. When we're in the car, you settle down and fall asleep much faster when we're holding hands. 

When you're awake, you are definitely flirting. You flash big, toothless grins many times a day, coo "ah-gooo" often, and laugh. You make a range of fantastic facial expressions. You like being in our bathroom and watching us in the mirror. We had lunch with a friend and her 3 week old today, and you couldn't take your eyes off the baby (once you woke up, that is!!)

We spent Thanksgiving with Meemaw and Pawpaw. You frequently ended up laying on the dining room table (on a blankie) so everyone could see you and play with you. You kicked whichever leg lined up with the direction you were facing, switching sides as you turned your head. It was pretty entertaining to watch!

You're still a great sleeper, for which I remain grateful. I have really enjoyed being home with you- I head back to work in mid-January. With the holidays coming up, the next few weeks will go even faster than the 9 weeks we've already had. I'm trying to cherish them and not think too much about January. 

Lucy, you're amazing. 


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