Monday, January 20, 2014

Three Months Old!

Dear Lucy,

You turned three months old on Friday!  I can't believe it.  You're half way to solid food! One quarter of the way to walking!  Time is whizzing by, and you're getting bigger every second.

This month you had a major leap from newborn to baby- you're growing like a weed, physically and mentally.  You have discovered that you have hands, feet, and a voice.  You're reaching for toys and grasping at things.  When sitting in your bumbo, you love to watch your feet and toes wiggle.  You enjoy your baby gym, rings, and toys that you can grab.  You also love to talk!  You are a really chatty baby.  Your teachers at school have only known you for three days, but they all commented on how verbal you are! 

This month you had your first Christmas and your first road trip!  I don't know how much of Christmas you "got," but your sister sure loved it this year.  After Christmas, we spent several days with Meemaw and Pawpaw in Bryan, then several days in New Mexico with Nana.  You love your family- grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and your sister.

You also started school this week, and I went back to work.  It was easier to take you to school than it was with Julia, simply because I had done it once before and knew what to expect.  We also have you in a fantastic school, which helps tremendously with the transition.  You and I spent a couple hours there the week before you started. You LOVE watching the other babies play. You had a hard time figuring out how to take a bottle at first, but it sounds like you have it down now. I'm coming to see you at lunch, which is a wonderful break for me. I hope it is for you, too. 

Your sister loves you so much. If you fuss, she immediately gets your pacifier and covers you in toys. She wants to hold you a lot, and likes hugging and kissing you. You are clearly nuts about her, too, smiling and cooing and talking for her more than anyone else. 

Lucy, I can't believe how fast time is flying. From here on out we're settling into our "new normal," now that I'm back at work and you're in school. It looks to be a fantastic life. 

Love you,


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