Friday, March 21, 2014

Five months old

Dear Lucy, 

You turned 5 months old on Monday. This month saw more big leaps in development. You can now sit up, roll over, laugh, kiss, and play. You still lack hair and teeth, and you're still sleeping in our room in your bassinet, even though you're really too long for it these days. 

You are such a happy girl. Every morning you wake up cooing and smiling, and you laugh and smile all day long.  It's amazing. 

You're starting to express emotions. You love to give kisses by opening your mouth and putting it on us. You also show great excitement when it's time to get out of your car seat by wiggling, moving your arms up, and chattering. You're also showing frustration when you can't do something or reach something you want to play with. 

You still have your one long hair poking out by your ear, and your fuzz is getting blonder and more pronounced even though it's invisible in pictures. You might be teething- you aggressively chew on any fingers that come your way, regardless of who they belong to. You're still drooling like mad, but I can't see anything visible to indicate imminent teeth. 

You loooove your sister. You stare at her with your winningest smile, even when she doesn't notice you. But she notices you almost all the time, loving you back and making sure you have toys and a pacifier nearby at all times. She calls you " Lu" and  "Lucy Goo".   She can't wait for you to start eating real food so she can help feed you. You both love shared bathtime, too. Julia wants to wash your hair, but isn't quite gentle enough. She's working on it, though. 

This month we've had visits with Meemaw and Pawpaw, Aunt Wendi, and Nana! I wish everyone lived closer, but we'll take the time we can get!!

You're growing up too fast, darlin, but I'm loving every minute of it!


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