Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy 6 month birthday!

Lucy turned 6 months old last week on the 17th.  I can't believe it!  I remember after Julia was born that I was just astonished at how much change occurs in the first six months.  Babies go from floppy, wrinkly, barely able to move, sleepy all the time, eating all the time newborns to strong, chubby, alert, independent, and very social in nothing flat. Lucy has got some hair now, but it's light in color and still pretty short.  Her one long hair is hanging in there.  Her eyes are still blue.  

Lucy got her first tooth on April 9th, and a second is close behind.  We've also started solid foods, including butternut squash, spinach, peas, chicken, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, broccoli, and various "pouches."  Lucy is not a fan of rice cereal, and who can blame her?  It tastes like wallpaper paste. Lucy loves food.  She wants to feed herself, and her aim is pretty decent.  Dinner goes more smoothly if she has a spoon to play with and I have a spoon to feed her with.  Lucy is starting to pick up small bits of food and get them in her mouth.  She also loves to lick the rim of a glass, especially if she gets an occasional sip of water.

Lucy's body control is also dramatically improved.  She can sit, reach, stretch, flip, roll, and wiggle.  If she sees something she wants she can get pretty close, even if it involves some contortions.  Her arms are always in motion, frequently flapping like wings.  If she's sitting and gets excited, her whole body wiggles- arms flapping, toes stretching, legs moving, swaying too and fro.  When I unbuckle Lucy's car seat, she is starting to move her arms under the straps so she's free to reach up for me.  She can pick up and manipulate her pacifier, turning it over and around to get to whichever part she feels like chewing on. 

Indepdendence is starting to emerge.  While nursing, Lucy frequently stops to look around, straining to see and reach anything nearby.  She'll snuggle up for a minute, then want to get away.  It's exciting to see, but a little sad.  She is so happy to be at school when we get there in the mornings- ready to play and interract with her teachers and friends.  At the same time, she is always really glad to see me at the end of the day.  She stops whatever she's doing when she hears my voice and starts looking for me, and gets really upset if I disappear again without picking her up.

Lucy is a lot more vocal, too.  She expresses herself often and at great volume!  She's just started experimenting with different sounds- instead of just "agoo" and "pbbbbbt," we now get lots more ga ga ya ya da sounds.  She's also occasionally talking in her sleep- very soft and mumbled gagas.  It's adorable.

Twinkle twinkle has been and remains Lucy's clear favorite song.  If she's fussy, just singing it will usually calm her down.  I have a CD that I've been playing in the car, and it's getting to the point where Lucy starts squawking in disgust the second the opening chord of the next song plays.  I guess it's time to just put twinkle twinkle on repeat!

Loves playing with Julia.  In the morning when we all end up in bed together, they inevitably end up talking to each other, reaching for each others' faces, and laughing a lot.  It's wonderful.  Julia is also getting bossy and territorial ("Stop hitting my face!" "This is MY sheep."  "Don't touch MY spoon!" 'But that's MINE. Make her STOP.").  Lucy just laughs it off because she doesn't know any better. 

Lucy, stop growing so fast!!


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