Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seven months- le sigh

Dear Lucy,

You turned seven months old on The 17th. I can barely believe it!  Stop growing. Seriously- right now. 

If this month had a developmental theme, it would probably be "food!"  You love to eat.  You have really developed your pincer grasp, and are able to pick up a variety of tiny, non-sticky foods.  You try the sticky stuff, too, and it makes you mad!  You know when we're feeding you "baby" food and yell to let us know you'll have what we're having, thankyouverymuch.  I love feeding you because you will eat everything I put in front of you (for now).

You are also really enjoying games.  Peek-a-boo was a big hit this month.  You love it when we put blankies or washcloths over your face so you can pull them off.  You also love pulling cloths off our faces.  When you figured out how much fun this was, you started trying to put cloths on your own head to let us know it was time to play.  Adorable!  You're also juuuust starting to try to clap your hands- mostly just gently moving your hands toward one another. 

You love playing with Julia.  When she's in the room, you only want to watch her.  She loves playing with you, getting right up in your face and squealing with joy.  You've started reaching out to touch her, which is so sweet. But she gets mad when you grab or squeeze too hard, and madder when you don't respond to her asking you to stop. 

We moved you to your own room this month, as well as to a big crib instead of your bassinet.  You've adjusted really well.  You crash into sleep around 7:30 each night, and sleep on your own until 1 or 2, when you wake up just enough that it's easiest to bring you in with us.  I have high hopes that you'll stretch to sleep on your own all night long in the next month or two.  I can tell that you love the extra real estate in the big crib.  You roll all over, covering most of it over the course of the night.  One night you cried out because you had backed yourself into a corner, legs stuck through the slats, holding yourself up on your arms.  You couldn't figure out how to get out of that mess on your own!

We've had lots of great family time this month. 

Ok wiggle worm, that's all for this month. XOXO

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