Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eight Months Old

Dear Lucy,

You turned eight months old on Tuesday! 

This was a month of big changes.  First and foremost, you're a crawler!  You took your first real crawling steps on Saturday the 14th, and you're getting faster and going farther every day. You love being mobile, and are having a great time exploring previously inaccessible parts of the house and your classroom at school. You sometimes stick one leg out to the side as you're crawling, just like Julia did- sisters unite! 

You also looooove food.  You're tolerating purees, but you're happiest when we give you small chunks of what we're eating.  You love yogurt, berries, cucumber, beans, bread, zucchini, chicken, melon, green beans, and basically everything you've ever encountered.  You make a mess, but that's great, too.

I had my first business trip,which required two nights away.  You (and Daddy and Julia) did great, of course.  Still, I hated to go.  Unfortunately, you were coming down with your first major ear infection (a double, that was resistant to antibiotics) with some kind of viral rash as I was getting home from the trip.  You also developed a possible allergy to amoxicillin.  You were a sick bunny with high high fever- very clingy and definitely unhappy.  I must say, though, that I didn't mind all the snuggling one bit, especially after having been gone the prior two days.  

With each passing day, you're able to play more and more with us.  Julia loves clapping hands, singing songs, tickling you, and making you laugh.  You love touching her hair and her face, and generally gazing into her big brown eyes.  A couple weeks ago we were all playing with her Princess Leia wig, and we were all cracking up at how funny you looked with big brunette cinnamon buns on the side of your head.  Your laugh was deep and full- a real belly laugh! 

You've got hair!  One day I picked you up from school after you'd played in the water and your hair had dried into a perfect circular curl on top of your head.  You looked like a Kewpie Doll!  Your hair is still fine and light, but it's definitely there.  You also still have bright blue eyes, just like Daddy and Nana.

Your sleep is improving!  In the last week, you've started sleeping from 8pm straight through till 5 or 5:30 am.  Then I come get you and bring you into bed with us. You nurse for a bit then crash out again until 7ish.  The only time you're not happy is the 0.75 seconds it takes me to get in bed after laying you down- you shout LOUDLY when I'm not fast enough (and I don't think it is physically possible to be fast enough for you!) 

Your teachers tell us what a happy, happy baby you are.  Every day brings a new story of your laughing, playing, and generally being delightful.  Even strangers can't take their eyes off you and frequently remark on how beautiful your smiling face is.  It's great! 

We had good visits with both sides of the family- Meemaw and PawPaw celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and cousin Cameron graduated from high school, so we got to see all the Jacksons.  You also got to skype with Meemaw's sisters and Grandmother and Granddaddy. 

One of Uncle Trigg's old friends got married in Austin, so we also got to see Nana, Uncle Paine, and Aunt Mollie.  This was the first time all the Settles have been together since Trigg and Mollie's wedding in July of 2012!  It was great to see everybody.

This month we're really starting to see glimpses of the little girl you're becoming.  It's so sweet and so exciting, but also the teeniest bit melancholy as the new baby you were fades slowly into the background. 


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