Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 9 month Birthday, Lucy Goo!

Dear Lucy,

You turned nine months old last week while I was away!  BOO HOOOOOO!  But, your in/out day (meaning you've been out of my belly as long as you were in) was Monday, and I was home for that, even though we forgot to celebrate. Will any of this matter to you in the future?  Probably not.

You had your check up this morning, and all looks good. You're 21 pounds 13 ounces, and 29 inches long. 92nd percentile for both. 

You are moving and shaking!  You mastered the art of the crawl pretty quickly, and now you can motor around the house with alarming speed.  The mornings are pretty hilarious because we'll put you down in our room, then go to the kitchen.  By the time you get there, we're moving to Julia's room so she can get dressed.  By the time you catch up, we're zooming the other way.  You take it all in great stride, smiling as we pass and turning around to follow as fast as you can.

You have also mastered the art of pulling up on any available surface- table, chair, dog, mommy legs, dishwasher, bathtub, crib.... You love to stand.  I've even caught you scooting around the coffee table a couple times.  Please don't walk soon- my heart just can't take it.

You also love to eat.  You'll munch on anything we put in front of you, though you have started shoving things away when you're done.  You can sign for "more" and "all done," and you're a remarkably good communicator for having such a limited vocabulary.   While I was gone, you had some formula.  You were totally not bothered by it, but I am.  It's ok. At least we made it this long without needing backup, right?

Despite your love of food, you still only have two teeth.  Your upper gums are swollen and look like they could burst at any minute.  Maybe you'll have more teeth in time for your ten month update?  You also don't have any words yet- you're trying, blabbing along like nobody's business, but we haven't had any recognizable words yet.  Soon?

You had another ear infection this month. You're still tugging on your ear and having a little eye goopy in the morning.  You're almost to the point of needing ear tubes.  At least this time around we know that it is so not a big deal, and that you'll feel tremendously better afterward.

Lucy, you're such a delight.  Happy three-quarter birthday!


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