Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 months!

Dear Lucy,

You turned 10 months old on Sunday. I can't believe it!

I was gone for another week of trial between August 10-16. In the week I was gone, you learned how to stand up without holding on to anything. The number of teeth in your mouth increased by roughly 250% (you went from 3 to 8, though some of those are visible but not fully out yet).  You also mastered the art of Face Time- when we got to say goodnight, you lunged at the phone, speaking (yelling and squealing happily) in a very conversational rhythm. You also waved, blew kisses, and cracked up when I tried kissing you through the phone. It made me so happy to see you so happy with Daddy and Julia. 

You have a boyfriend at school. He's slightly younger, but that's ok. You two climb all over the other babies at school, an spend your days chit chatting about all manner of baby stuff. Your cribs are next to one another, as are your high chairs, and apparently you hold hands through snack time and nap time. It must be true love. 

You love bath, food, snuggles, Julia, and school.  You eat almost anything, and rarely get baby food anymore.  When you're done with something, you shove it away.  It doesn't happen very often.  You love books, especially Pat the Bunny.  You can do all the activities- pat the bunny, play peekaboo, read the book, look in the mirror, and put your finger through mummy's ring (with alarming accuracy).  You like to turn the pages, and you can't wait to see what comes next. You're not such a fan of being alone- you want to be where the action is!

I think you'll be walking by your 11 month birthday.  You're scooting around the dishwasher and coffee table with ease.  You occasionally stand behind your walker and push it around.  It's all too soon for my taste, but so is every growing up move.  You also figured out how to wave the right way- instead of doing the cute baby wave at yourself, your hand turned around so you can wave at others.

You're also making more and more talking noises.  We're hearing some definite words.  Dada, mama, mo! (more), something resembling baba (bottle). You also understand no- when you hear it, you pause and think, and sometimes even stop putting whatever is in your hands in your mouth.   

We took a long road trip in August to see Great Grandmother and Great Granddaddy- it was his 90th birthday!  You got to meet all of Meemaw's family, and had a ball.  Dianna gave you a popsicle for breakfast one morning- you were in heaven!

Just like every month, it is amazing to watch you grow.  You become more and more little girl, and less and less little baby.  Just don't grow too fast, sweetie.  You have the rest of your life for that.

Love you,

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