Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11 Months- EEKS

Dear Lucy,

You turned 11 months old last week. 


You're so close to one year, I can hardly believe it!

We had visits with Nana and with Meemaw and Pawpaw this month. Nana hadn't seen you since May- you grown a teeny bit since then!!

I thought you'd be walking by now, and you can take 4-5 steps at a time, you just don't choose to do so very often.  But boy howdy are you a speed demon on all fours!  You've been practicing rising to a standing position- sometimes you leap up like a frog or a sumo wrestler, sometimes you carefully wobble to your feet, but more often than not you do it without holding on to anything.

You still love to dance, though mostly while seated.  If you can hear a beat, your body is wiggling in time to the music.

You laugh, laugh, laugh- big, deep, happy, belly laughs.  You crack yourself up on a regular basis.  It's such a joy to behold.

You are also talking up a storm.  I've heard you say:  delicious, Abby (one of your teachers), diaper, uh oh, ta tu (thank you), ba ba (bottle), and several other things.  You're very shouty these days- you yell a lot.  It's not an upset yell, you just want to be heard and to make sure everyone is paying attention.

Your teachers told us some funny stories about your behavior at school this month.  You're still the oldest in the room, and Zachary is still your boyfriend.  Apparently you two have progressed from holding hands over the crib at naptime to playing both peekaboo and chase- one of you will crawl to the part of your cribs that touches, then the other will crawl quickly to the other end and back, then the first will crawl to the other end and back, chasing each other back and forth.  You two are mostly exclusive, but you were holding hands with another boy during morning snack the other day.  Another baby was crying, far longer than necessary in your opinion, so you crawled over, put your index finger on his lips, and shushed him.  When babies in your room cry, you crawl to them, then flop over onto your back in their laps.  It sounds like this usually stuns them into silence.

Your leg is still kicking, kicking, kicking.  It kicks while you're in your high chair, car seat, or crib, when you're trying to fall asleep, when you're relaxing, when you're eating.... The leg just keeps on keeping on.  Every time I notice I crack up, remembering you kicking me so insistently when you were in my belly, and even more dramatically in your first week on the outside.

You're almost completely off baby food.  You basically eat what we eat for almost every meal, which is so great.  You still love most things, though you tend to skip zucchini and don't care much for avocado any more.  Eating a bite is a three step process:  (1) food goes in your mouth; (2) food comes out of your mouth into your hand for inspection; (3) food goes back in your mouth for chewing and swallowing.  It's gross, but that's life.  You still make a mighty mess while eating- you frequently rub your hands in your hair or end up with something smooshed along your cheek near your ear.  And don't even get me started on the treasures you store in your chin(s)!

Most importantly, you're a delight.  You are happy.  You love to play with your sister.  You like to snuggle with Daddy.  And you'll always be my baby girl.

Love you, Lucy!

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