Thursday, April 30, 2015

18 Months Old!

Dear Lucy,

You turned 18 months old a few weeks ago, and I am in complete denial.  How is this possible?  How can you be such a big girl already?

You moved from your infant day care to Julia's school on April 1.  You transitioned pretty well, though you were used to being queen of the castle and are no longer in that role.  :-)  You were fine at drop off your first day, but you burst into tears when I arrived to pick you up.  It was as though you were bravely holding it together all day and were just overcome with relief at the end of the day.  Then you started crying at drop off.  You've finally stopped crying at drop off most days, and you seem to be really happy at school again. 

Being in a clas with bigger kids who are potty training, and having an older sister, you are interested in the potty these days. You still have a way to go before potty training, but we plop you on the throne whenever you ask. 

You also got ear tubes in early April.  You had a double ear infection when you went in for surgery, which just reinforces why we did it.  Your vocabulary has exploded since then.  You're now pronouncing words much more clearly, and you're even making two word sentences.  It's wonderful.

You are loud!  You yell "byyyyye!!!!!!"  really loudly when anyone leaves, waving your hand very enthusiastically over your head. 

Tonight we went to Chipotle for dinner and when I asked if you wanted to sit outside, you started shouting "ouside! ouside! ouside!" over and over again at top volume.  It's adorable, if a little unsettling to unsuspecting non-parents.

You're also fast!  It's rare that you walk these days- you mostly trot around the house, curls and cheeks bouncing in unison.  You're a great climber, just like your sister. 

You love books.  You love to read our sign language book about play time- you know all the words and all the signs.  You also love finding the mouse hidden on each color page in Goodnight Moon.  Other favorites include all the Llama Llamas, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Peek-a-Zoo!

Your hair is impossibly blonde and curly and soft, and your eyes are still bright bright blue.  People regularly tell us how adorable you are.  While you looked so much like a Settle when you were born, people now seem to recognize more of your Daddy, as well as Aunt Paula and your dear Pawpaw in you.  You look almost exactly like one of Pawpaw's baby pictures, with big, blonde curls and big eyes.

I don't want to say it loud or otherwise risk jinxing it, but you remain a great sleeper.  You go down pretty easily around 8 every night and sleep straight through till 7 in the morning almost every night.  THANK YOU.  I hope it lasts.  You are recently very very interested in sleeping with some stuffed toys, and you spent a good amount of time making sure they, and you, are appropriately covered with a blanket.  You also sing to yourself a lot at bedtime.  Your recent favorite is the ABCs, and you get most of the sounds, if not the actual letters, right. 

You adore your sister and want to be like her in every way.  You know that she watches an episode of My Little Pony after bath every night, and you've started climbing onto the couch, pointing at the screen and shouting "neigh neigh!  neigh niegh!"  (Ponies are horses, horses say neigh, it makes perfect sense!)  

She is nuts about you, too, though she sometimes isn't quite sure what to do when you play in a way she wasn't expecting (taking her doll, or toy, or book).  You two play pretty well together until one of you escalates quickly into an explosion, then you go right back to playing again. 

There's so much more, Lucy.  No matter how much I type, I can't capture your essence, or how much your family loves you.  I can't imagine our lives without you.

I love you Lucy Goo!


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