Thursday, April 30, 2015

Science Fair

Julia's class held a science fair this week, and it was totally adorable. Julia was very, very excited.

Their experiment was called "Push It,"
and it was all about force. Each container was filled with different matter- one had paper, one had macaroni, and one had rocks. You push each container to see which takes the most force (the biggest push) to move.

After we visited Julia and her partner as well as all the other scientists, the kids gathered outside and answers questions about all the experiments together- life cycle of a lady bug, what plants need to grow, what materials absorb or repel water, inclines and ramps, solids and liquids and gasses, and more. 

Then Julia and another boy read(!!) each student's name off their certificates of scientific achievement. I knew Julia could read some words, but this was seriously impressive. 

Great job, kids!!

And some videos to wrap it up: 

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