Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucy is 2!

Dear Lucy,

We're more than a week past your second birthday, but you aren't quite ready to accept the fact that it's over. You got used to the singing, the cake, and the presents.  And who can blame you? 

The parties started on Friday with a pizza party at your school. Julia came over and ate lunch with you and your friends, and you got to wear a birthday crown!  

We celebrated your actual birthday with FaceTime with Nana and a live visit from Meemaw and Aunt Wendi. (You call her "Winnie!")  

We had a party with your best school friends the following Saturday. You loved having them over to play. It was a hoot watching you guys destroy the living room!

You can tell people you're two, but you can't quite hold up two fingers- you still need help getting it right. 

You're an adorable little girl. You got your first haircut on your birthday. I didn't think it possible, but your hair seems even curlier now than before the cut.

You have quite an impish smile. You also have a broad range of other great expressions- your teacher Ms. Erin just laughs and says she knows exactly what you're thinking at any given moment because it's written all over your face. 

You love to talk talk talk- around us. But apparently not at school. At home, you've got so many cute expressions:
"Pizza party!" Every time you see a paper plate. 
You call yourself "Woocy." 
You still can't pronounce orange- it's "orjay."  Blue is "blue light!"
When you get frustrated with your sister, you growl "no juya!"

Speaking of Julia, you guys are so close. You're nuts about her and she's nuts about you. You generally play together really well, though you need to work on sharing. You try to do everything she does, and you mimic every sound she makes. She's remarkably patient with you and your antics. 

Your favorite show is Winnie the Pooh, you love pink and purple (sigh), your favorite books are "Good Egg" from Aunt Mollie and "she'll Be coming round the mountain" from Aunt Winnie.  Happy birthday has been your favorite song for about six months. You love to dance, climb, and run. You also love shoes- Julia's the most, but you love playing with all of our shoes. 

As I sing you a lullaby at night, you love to hold my cheeks and sneak kisses between words- this makes you laugh and laugh and laugh.  

I love you, sweet Woocy. Happy second birthday!


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